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My name is Ruby Schvelzstein I'm 74 and new to the internet. I've been kind of bored lately and thought it would be a good idea to start a new hobby. Irma from the senior center said it would be good if I got a computer and joined the computer club. I did and now I have decided to share my experiences through my website. So you wanna know a little more about me? Well lets see now.

I was born one of a set of twins in the summer of 1925 in NYC. I was gorgeous. My mom and dad owned an army and navy store and I used to help out. I went to school in Manhattan and excelled in the arts, tap dancing and theater arts were my specialties. Even from a very young age I knew I had to work hard if I was going to be a star. My big plan was to waitress a Sardi's and be discovered by a bigtime director. Well that didn't happen. After working there for 6 months I was fired for kibitzing with the customers, and just not being a good waitress. This was a crushing experience.

In 1955 I met a nice guy named Reuban and we had relations. He never told me where he was from but he told me he was an illegal alien. I figured Europe because he had a strong accent. We dated for awhile. He was quite a lover if you know what I mean. He was out of this world. On our wedding day he suddenly disappeared. I think he was deported because I never saw him again. I was heartbroken.

In 1993 I was abducted by aliens while I was sleeping. When I awoke I was being poked, prodded and probed and my name was being chanted. RUBY, RUBY, RUBY. To tell ya the truth I kind of liked it. When their experiments were complete they determined that I had been the one chosen to rule their planet by their creator Reuben. Small Universe. They told me that Reuben had been killed in a space ship accident but in his will he instructed them to find me. WELL, that brings us to today I am bi-Planetary. I spend the summers in NYC and the winters on Planet Ruby. I have also recently taken up the internet to share my story with you.

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